Drill Team

​Commander: C/SSG Mera Soll

Executive Officer: C/2LT Keyby Aguilar

The Drill Team is a marching unit that performs routines based on military drill and ceremony. We do armed, unarmed, and exhibition drill. We compete in 2-3 drill meets a year with squad and platoon drill. There are no tryouts to join!

Woodbridge Viking Battalion JROTC Teams


Commander: C/2LT Niko Cardenas

Executive Officer: C/CPL Sarai Rodriguez

JLAB is an academic and leadership team within JROTC, it consists of cadets from ninth to eleventh grade.  The JLAB competes in JROTC knowledge, SAT words, current events, leadership, Math, Vocabulary, and Science either online or at JROTC competitions. Seniors are not allowed to participate, and each team has four members with two alternates. JLAB also participates in a national JROTC competition, where we compete with other schools through four levels throughout the school year.

Color Guard

Commander: C/2LT Jasmine Chambers

Color Guard is a team in the JROTC program that is responsible for presenting the national colors. In the past years we have done many events and participated in many drill competitions. In the last two years, Color Guard has gone to many competitions and been awarded very highly. In the year of 2011 – 12, Color Guard has placed 3rd out of 14 schools at the Stonewall High School Drill Meet in the category of all first year cadet color guard team. In the same year, Color Guard has placed at the Freedom Drill Meet 3rd, both teams being under the command of C/1LT Kareem Mitchell as commander of Color Guard and C/SGT Jack Kettl as Executive Officer. In the past year, Color Guard has also placed twice. At the Liberty High School Drill Meet, Color Guard placed 3rd.  Color Guard also placed at the Freedom Drill Meet, ending in 2nd both teams being under the command of C/SSG Tiffany Orihuela as Commander of Color Guard and C/SSG Chineyre Offor as Executive Officer. The goals set for the upcoming year is to work hard on so every cadet is trained to know every position on a basic four man team and to do our absolute best at each drill competitions


Commander: C/1LT Austin Smith

Executive Officer: 

The Woodbridge Senior High School JROTC Raider Team is all about motivation, dedication, and family. We will train hard, think critically, and accept the scar that no one is better than us at what we do. Raiders are hard, mean, PT'ing machines. We don't quit, we don't budge, we don't give up, and we never surrender. We push till our last drop of strength. Raiders HOAAAH!