Alpha Company Commander:

Brandon Graham

       Hello, I'm Brandon Graham and will be the Alpha Company Commander for the 2017-18 school year. I am the former Color Guard commander, as well as a former Platoon Leader. My personal goal is to motivate my cadets to be the best they can and to give back to their communities. I am always happy to help any cadets who need help with something, so don't be afraid to speak to me.

Battalion S-4

Keyby Aguilar

     I am cadet 2LT Keyby Aguilar. Currently I am the S-4 logistics and supply officer. I help the AI with inventory and the distribution of uniforms. I keep accountability of everything in the supply room. I am also the Drill Team executive officer. I am also a member of the Advanced Placement Scholars and the National Honor society.

Battalion S-2:
Elijah Jones

    Hello my name is Elijah jones. I’m a Junior and have be on staff for 2 years I was the S-2 assistant and now the S-2. I’m on the Jrotc raider team and the Woodbridge Viking’s wrestling team. I hope the next year will be a blast.         

Battalion  S-5:

Faith Hawkins 

    I am C/2LT Faith Hawkins I am the S-5 Public Affairs Officer​. My role in the Viking Battalion is to plan and coordinate all events within the battalion. I also take pictures of all events involving the battalion. I am planning the military ball this year and I hope to make it better than it has ever been. I served as Junior Assistant last year.


Bravo Company 1SG:

I am Cadet SFC Tyler Donovan. Currently, I am the Bravo Company First Sergeant. As the First Sergeant, I am responsible to the Company Commander for administrative matters. These matters include: company formations, submissions of absentee reports, and keeping the company commander informed on all matters pertaining to the health of the unit. I am also the Raider Team Commander. When I’m not at staff meetings and NCO meetings I’m running the team practices and improving the physical fitness of the cadets on the team.

Battalion S-1:

Jasmine Chambers         

      I am Cadet 2nd lieutenant Jasmine Chambers, the Viking Battalion S-1. As the adjutant, I am in charge of the files containing information about the cadets in our Battalion. I do the online portion of all the promotions and awards, where I then work with the S-4 to get the ranks and ribbons. This job is time consuming but it's important for the success of the Battalion which makes it worth it.



Battalion XO:

Zeta Seidel

          My name is Zeta Seidel. I have served on staff as the S-1 assistant and the S-1 for the past 3 years but have also held leadership positions as the Vice President of the ASL Club, the Financial Captain of 2018, and the JLAB Commander. In addition, I am a member of the National Honors Society and an Advanced Place Scholar. 

Cadet Leaders Bio