4-Sep Labor Day (No School)

9-Sep Battalion Drill

11-29-Sep  wreaths Across America

16-23-Sep Constitution and Citizenship Week & BN Drill Scrimiage

21-Sep Modern Day Marine Expo

22-Sep Viking BN  hosts PWCS JROTC Leadership Symposium

7-Oct Battalion Drill

9-Oct AUSA Conference

9-Oct Columbus Day (No school)

14-Oct Occoquan Clean-up

14-Oct Best of Best Raider Comp. TC Williams HS

14-Oct Staff Workday (LEADERS ONLY)

21-Oct Viking Bn Breast Cancer Walk

27-Oct Homecoming Parade

1-2-Nov Battalion Photo Day

4-Nov Veteran's Day Parade

6-Nov Teacher Workday/Senior Leader Forum at Howard University

7-Nov Parent Conference Day

7-Nov Election Day

9-Nov Veteran's Day Community service Learning Project

11-Nov Veteran's Day

10-Nov TC Williams Drill Meet

13-20-Nov Community Service Project

17-Nov Aquatics Training

18-Nov Drill/Raider Meet 

22-24 Nov Thanksgiving Break

8-Dec Joint Military Ball

9-Dec 'Ole Santa Parade

16-Dec Wreaths Across America Wreath Placement (Mandatory)

22-29 Dec Winter Break

1-Jan Winter Break/New Years

15-Jan MLK Day

Feb TBD College Career Week

10-Feb BTN Drill

19-Feb President's Day

24-Feb Military Ball

3-Mar Stonewall Jackson/Spotsylvania HS Drill Comp

10-Mar BTN Drill

23-Mar Annual JROTC In Ranks Inspection

26-30-Mar Spring Break

2-13-Apr Cadet Challenge PT Testing

3 & 5 Apr New Leaders Selection Board

14-Apr Occoquan Clean-up

16-Apr Teacher Workday (No School)

28-Apr PWCS Superintendent's Cup Basketball Tournament

5/12-May BTN Staff Ride TBD

10-May Awards Night

14-May Uniform Turn-in

19-May JROTC 5K Run Community Service & Yard Sale

8-Jun Last Day of School

18-23 Jun JCLC


*Bolded events have already occured.*

*Dates are all subject to change*

Order is (date): (event)- (who's attending)- (type of event)- (location)